2 Fast on Route 2: Racers speed away from cops



Like something straight out of “The Fast and the Furious,” flashy road racers drew police attention Saturday night on Route 2 in Amherst.

A large group of Mustangs, Camaros, Corvettes and Dodge Neons — estimated at about 30 — took to the highway just before 11 p.m., slowing down to 30 mph and then revving up to challenge each other, according to Amherst Police Lt. Dan Makruski.

He said dispatchers were alerted that speedsters traveled up Route 58 and got on Route 2, heading west. Some racers bailed when police pursued.

“Our guys were trying to catch up to them. They got off at Oak Point, but our guys got stuck in traffic,” Makruski said after consulting with Ptl. Jake Podrosky, who was there that night.

With officers obeying red lights and hemmed in by traffic, the racers jumped back on Route 2 and, taking up both eastbound lanes, sped off to the east. “Officers aren’t going to do 80 or 90 mph to catch up with these vehicles,” Makruski said.

The sleek cars reportedly wound up on Route 254 in Sheffield Village.

Vin Diesel could not be reached for comment.