Amherst mayor plans $2.5 million in summer street paving



Close to $2.5 million in summer street paving projects are being eyeballed by Amherst City Hall.

The biggest slice of the pie will be for Main Street, both on the northern and southern stretches.

Mayor Mark Costilow said he plans to spend about $1.4 million to pave all the pieces that haven’t been touched in recent years.

That project will also take in Sunrise, Hilltop and Wildwood drives.

Amherst will have to pay for most of the work, but the Ohio Public Works Commission is pitching in about $537,000 in grants to make it happen.

Other streets that will get fresh blacktop include Habant Drive, the dedicated section of Beverly Drive but not the privately-owned portion, West Street and Crestline Avenue.

Another $100,000 or so will be set aside for spot repairs across the city.

Costilow said his budget for summer road work has grown because the economy is doing well.

“The more tax dollars we’ve grown, at more than five percent each year the past couple of years, it’s allowing us to do more,” he said.

Amherst has a voter-approved fund that pays for street maintenance.

But Costilow said about $500,000 of this summer’s street cash will come from the city’s general fund, pending City Council approval.

The general fund has grown because of income tax collections are up, he said.

At the same time, the city has saved money by shutting down its public access cable television channel. New homes have been built at a clip of about 60 per year, and both the Nordson Corporation and Tyson Foods have expanded operations.