Virtual tour of Oberlin’s new school being built



The Phoenix’s home stadium is no more.

The North Pleasant Street athletic facility has now been completely torn to the ground as the Oberlin City Schools move forward with plans for a new building for preschool through fifth grade.

Land surveys are underway on the property just south of Oberlin High School, where the two-story school will be built, Superintendent David Hall said Friday.

“Our plans right now are being looked at by Efficiency Smart. They’ll analyze the plans for any kind of energy savings we can do in the building,” he said.

A virtual tour of the building is expected to be unveiled when the Oberlin Board of Education meets in late January.

It will provide a look at the exterior of the new school. “It will be a 360 (degree) tour around the building, showing you all the dimensions and what the canopy looks like,” Hall said.

The display will also be made available to the public online, he said.

Another digital tour will eventually provide a virtual walk-through of the inside of the school.

The interior design isn’t quite finalized yet, however. Hall said architects have met three times with teachers to get their feedback on how it should be laid out, and they’re still gathering information about specialized areas such as the band room.

The general idea is to have classrooms roughly the same size as the ones at Eastwood Elementary, mixed with shared open spaces, said Hall.

Don’t expect to see construction start until this spring. Once the weather breaks, likely in March, they’ll start preparing the site for the foundation to be poured, Hall said.