Markel named Wellington Employee of the Year

Jason Hawk | Wellington Enterprise
Scott Markel is surprised by Mayor Hans Schneider with Wellington’s Employee of the Year Award.


When his mother and wife walked into the Wellington Eagles hall Friday, Scott Markel knew something was up.

Moments later, Mayor Hans Schneider called him forward to receive the village’s Employee of the Year Award.

A fixture in the Public Works department for 25 years, Markel earned the award many times over, Schneider said.

“Scott does a little bit of everything,” he said — he’s the caretaker for Town Hall, picks up brush and leaves and patches streets. After hours, he’s a Mason, a board member for the Southern Lorain County Historical Society and pours his heart into projects for The Spirit of ’76 Museum.

“When the third grade class comes up, Scott takes time to give a presentation as Archibald Willard. He loves the village,” said Schneider. “All the little things that we take for granted, Scott gets done.”

Markel wasted no time giving to credit for the award to everyone around him.

“We all know it takes all 50 of us to run this town every day,” he said, looking around at his fellow village workers.

There are no individual efforts, only a team, he said.

While the Employee of the Year Award bears Markel’s name, he said it’s shared by his coworker, Matt Osborn.

“If one of us is doing a job, the other is usually right next to him,” he said. “There’s not a street crack we don’t know, a sewer lid we haven’t lifted. And we’ve done it all together.”

The award was given at an annual luncheon for Wellington’s public workers.

“It’s always hard to give out this award because I can think of so many people who deserve it — in fact, everybody in this room,” said Schneider.

He said village employees are the face of Wellington, emissaries who are relied upon by residents day in and day out.

“How you act to them comes back to us,” he said.