GALLERY: Liam Neeson comes to Wellington to film ‘The Minuteman’


For our coverage of the visit, read the Wellington Enterprise in the Oct. 17 edition of the Lorain County Community Guide.

Bruce Bishop | Chronicle
Camera operator Steve Fracol, one of the filmmakers on “The Minuteman,” guides Emerson Gahring, 11, of Norwalk, while he films Liam Neeson in a scene shot in downtown Wellington. Emerson and his mom returned to where his mom, Sue Gahring, grew up to watch the filming. After striking up a conversation with the camera operator during some downtime, Emerson was given the chance to operate the camera as they filmed a scene at a prop phone booth. Emerson and his mother met with Neeson later in the day.
Photos by Jason Hawk | Wellington Enterprise
Action star Liam Neeson walks back to his beat-up old pickup truck after chatting with Robert Lorenz, director of “The Minuteman.” Note the bullet holes in the side of the truck.
Lorenz and Neeson chat on the sidewalk in front of Wellington Music on West Herrick Avenue. Part of the music store was turned into a gun shop via Hollywood set magic.
Possibly one of the cartel assassins hunting Neeson’s character.
Jacob Perez stars as a Mexican boy protected by Neeson’s character, according to the Internet Movie Database.
Neeson hops out of his truck on one of several takes that saw him drive east on Herrick and park near Wellington Music.
Bruce Bishop | Chronicle
Liam Neeson exits the movie set gun store with a rifle in hand.

Sean McDonnell | Chronicle
Melissa Burns, owner of The Painting Factory on West Herrick Avenue, poses next to a painting she made of movie star Liam Neeson. She led a workshop on how to paint the “Taken” and “Star Wars” star.