Vitalant and Facebook work to reverse blood shortages


Vitalant is a partner on Facebook’s blood donation feature which launched in select U.S. cities this summer.

Now people in Northeast Ohio are able to use the feature on Facebook to find nearby opportunities to donate.

You’re encouraged to register as a blood donor by navigating to “Blood Donations” in the “About” section of your Facebook profile to learn how take part in area blood donation opportunities.

More than 30,000 blood donations are needed every day in the U.S. to help transform the lives of patients affected by trauma, elective and emergency surgeries, cancer, and blood disorders.

The social media tool is designed to help raise awareness and blood donation opportunities every day, as well as in times of need, whether due to tragedy or seasonal declines in donation.

Formerly known as LifeShare Community Blood Services, Vitalant is excited to partner with Facebook in bringing this feature to the U.S. after enormous success in donor engagement overseas.

Facebook’s commitment to working with nonprofits through their Social Good efforts to combat increasing blood scarcities is admirable.” said Mitzy Edgecomb, vice president of marketing and communications at Vitalant. “We are proud to align with an iconic technology brand dedicated to bringing people together to elevate awareness of the need and amplify the call for donors who can transform lives.”

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