Teachers react at new Powers site: ‘Space everywhere, it’s massive’

Jason Hawk | Amherst News-Times


The little touches stirred the biggest reactions when kindergarten teachers saw their new classrooms for the first time.

“Look at all these closets. Look at all the storage,” said Brittney Cromer, one of several teachers who toured the Powers Elementary School construction site Aug. 7.

Extra-large whiteboards. Water fountains in classrooms. Mirrored exterior windows for security.

By their reactions, you would have thought these teachers had won the lottery.

In a way they have — they’ll move into the $31.5 million building this winter.

For now, it’s still an active work zone where hard hats are required. There are ladders, spools or wire, tools, raw tile, uninstalled lights, and boxes everywhere.

Prekindergarten rooms are the furthest along, all but move-in ready with drop ceilings and trim complete.

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