K-9 Argos joins the Wellington PD

Jason Hawk | Wellington Enterprise
Officer Jeffrey Mecklenburg and K-9 Argos are introduced at a Wellington village council meeting.


He doesn’t carry cuffs and doesn’t need a gun.

But Wellington’s newest police officer has quite the nose for crime.

Meet K-9 Argos, a German shepherd who was hired Aug. 5 to serve the village along with his human partner, officer Jeffrey Mecklenburg.

Argos has been in service since 2012. He’s trained to track humans, articles, and drugs.

The K-9 has brought in more than $150,000 in narcotics hauls during his short career.

“He’s helped me with at least 20 arrests where he’s tracked to the bad guys. Twelve of them I physically took into custody,” said Mecklenburg.

Argos is his personal dog, purchased from Cleveland Heights for a dollar when the duo retired in 2017.

Argos came from Germany. “His great-great-grandfather was on the other side of the (Berlin) wall, barking at me 40 years ago,” said Mecklenburg.

“The European dogs are bred more for work, so there’s a strategic advantage. With the fall of the Soviet Union and the Berlin Wall, they had an open market for these dogs who were trained to track and hunt people. A lot of the American police kennels opened up on that market.”

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