Amherst’s Your Deli turns 30 years old

Submitted photo
Owner Debbie Dixon and Your Deli employees celebrate the restaurant’s 30th anniversary.


Debbie Dixon has perfected her paprikash recipe and sales are booming.

Her Amherst restaurant, Your Deli, celebrated its 30th anniversary on Jan. 13 and Dixon told us she’s been blown away by support from her local customers.

“I have a lot of friends. I’m so fortunate. We’ve been blessed by God and people have been so kind to us,” she said.

As we talked, she and 26-year-old son Zack were in the middle of a week that entailed making 4,200 gallons of paprikash.

Today Dixon sells her famous dish in about 100 stores — “I’ve actually lost count,” she admitted — including Heinen’s, Apples, IGA, Acme, and a number of mom and pop eateries.

After growing out of two other downtown Amherst locations, she moved to the former Higgins Pharmacy in 2010.

The property allowed her to have both the restaurant and commercial kitchen under one roof.

In the past nine years, Your Deli has doubled its business as Dixon has expanded her empire to grocery stores and the dining room still fills up at lunchtime.

Zack has also grown with the business and is expected to take over when Debbie retires.

“His hand touches every unit that goes out of the commercial kitchen. He is obsessed with quality,” she said.