Manufacturers share industry knowledge at JVS

Career services specialist Annette McIver introduces panelists Greg Bloomfield of Beckett Gas, Ryan Beane of EMC Precision, Rhonda Greene of Norlake, and Kendra Scholle of Whirlaway Corp.


Local manufacturing professionals took part in two panel discussions Oct. 9 at the Lorain County JVS as part of National Manufacturing Month.

“Having such strong support from local manufacturing companies is key in giving JVS students a realistic look at 21st century manufacturing companies,” said school career services specialist Annette McIver. “In return, the companies had an opportunity to get an early glimpse at the upcoming talent pipeline.”

Ryan Beane works at EMC Precision Machining in Elyria and is a 2013 graduate of the precision marching technology track at the JVS. He told students that the skills they are learning in labs are important but academic courses are critical as well.

“I know you might not want to hear this,” Beane joked, “but keep up with your math. I’m sorry to say that I goofed off in math class, and it is a slap in the face when your boss says, ‘Hey figure this out,’ and you are left to do just that.”

Jim Tyree, general manager at General Plug in Oberlin, also gave advice: “Don’t be afraid to try something, don’t be afraid to fail at it and learn from your peers. These three simple things will allow you to succeed in your careers.”

Junior Christopher Farr, who is studying precision machine technology, thought the panel discussions were helpful. “Hearing from these employers today helped me better understand what different companies are looking for and what they expect from us as we come out of high school,” he said.