Amherst can brace for a busy 2019




What a year is in store! We brainstormed a list of the big, sweeping events and developments coming in 2019 and it’s quite extensive. Here are a couple of items to be aware of — for much more, see the Jan. 10 edition of the Amherst News-Times in the Lorain County Community Guide!

• Orange barrels will go up along Cooper Foster Park Road east of Rt. 58, where after print we learned road paving, widening, and storm sewer construction will begin much sooner than expected.

Crews will start Monday, Jan. 21 near Rt. 58 and move east in a joint effort between the cities of Lorain and Amherst.

“To say the least, this really is a unique situation with two sister communities that are willing to work this close together on a project like this,” mayor Mark Costilow told city council Monday. “Most of the time you do your side and sometime the other city does their side. But this, this is a beautiful project.”

• A second portion of Cooper Foster will get significant work in a separate effort.

The intersection at North Main Street will be re-engineered to include a turn lane, signage, and curb stabilization along with new blacktop.

That effort is expected to cost between $1 million and $1.5 million.

Work there won’t be able to start until after state funding is released in July, however.

• An additional lane is planned for Milan Avenue in front of Amherst Junior High.

The city and school district split the cost of a traffic study, which confirmed that a new lane would help drivers significantly.

A stoplight and middle lane in front of the AJHS entrance could also be part of the project.

Costilow said it’s possible the school system and city will partner on the effort, though no final decision has been made — improvements are needed there anyway, the mayor said.

Preliminary engineering has been completed and it appears there is enough space to make the project work with the existing right-of-way without taking additional frontage from neighbors, said Costilow.


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