Oberlin College fundraises for undocumented students



Undocumented immigrants face a variety of challenges and barriers as they pursue higher education, ranging from concerns about their immigration status, dehumanizing language often used around them, or a fear of disclosing their status.

This feeling of insecurity makes them less likely to access or ask for resources from campus departments, offices, and organization, according to Danielle Young, assistant vice president for alumni relations and annual giving at Oberlin College.

Concerns about undocumented students’ access to higher education inspired the Class of 2019 to designate its senior class gift to a scholarship fund that will help guide these students toward successful academic completion.

This is the second year in a row the senior class has chosen to focus on this cause.

The Class of 2018 raised $2,000 and that is the goal again for 2019 using the crowdfunding platform GiveCampus.

“It’s great to see students embrace this cause as a priority,” Young said. “Students want to help their fellow students. They realize that these resources can make a real difference in the success of someone who is really facing challenges they haven’t faced.”

Donations will grow the existing DREAM endowed scholarship fund, which was established by student initiative in 2013.

It became endowed in 2016 and provides money for tuition and emergency situations.

Students hope to raise most of the funds by April 25, which is when the college hosts an event called the “Big Day of Giving.”

But donations will be accepted through June 30 at www.goo.gl/rkHbZd.


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