St. Joseph thrilled about state STEM designation

Photos by Jason Hawk | Amherst News-Times
State school board member Charles Froelich and principal Amy Makruski unfurl a banner designating St. Joseph School as an Ohio STEM school.


You would have thought they won the Super Bowl, the way St. Joseph School students cheered Friday.

It certainly was a huge victory — the Amherst Catholic school earned STEM designation from the state of Ohio.

“This is a big accomplishment for us,” said principal Amy Makruski.

She said teachers have integrated STEM into every part of the curriculum, completely retooling the way they approach all subjects.

“We had a big dream at the start of the school year,” said Makruski. “I said, ‘Hey, we want to become the STEM school,’ and we’ve done just that.”

She thanked teachers, parents, the city of Amherst, and Fr. Timothy O’Connor for support in achieving the goal. “Most of all I want to send up a prayer of thanksgiving to God because everything we have is a gift from him,” Makruski said.

State board of education member Charles Froehlich of Avon Lake presented a STEM designation banner.

He said 1.7 million students are being educated in Ohio and science, technology, engineering, and math are more important to their education than ever.

Smart phones have in the past decade changed American life in so many ways; it’s possible that self-driving cars will do the same in the next 10 years.

What other technologies could revolutionize our lives? The game-changers of tomorrow will be invented by the Ohio students of today, said Froelich, which is why STEM education is so important.


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